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Mp3 encoder


mp3 encoder

The definitive Mp3 Normalizer!

Finally you can set all your mp3 volume leves to sound good!!

Easy to use, just one click an all your mp3 collection will have the best volume level possible.

Have you noticed the difference in volume level of your mp3, which produces the unpleasant situation of manually adjusting the volume control of your player according to the type of music you are playing?

SuperMp3Normalizer is the unique solution. It offers a new normalization algorithm that helps not only to optimize the volume level among each mp3 file of your collection, but also makes internal adjustments of the volume level so that no part of your mp3 files is inaudible.

By just clicking, you will be able to normalize your complete mp3 collection and, as a result, you will get an even volume level, not only among the different pieces of music but also among the different sections of each one of them (introduction, melodic pieces, songs, musicals, etc).

SuperMp3Normalizer will keep the ID3 Tags of your mp3 file, leaving it just as it was before processing, but including the optimized volume.

mp3 encoder

Download SuperMp3Normalizer

Optimize volume levels of MP3 files

SuperMp3Normalizer enables you to automatically optimize the volume level in your MP3 files. It analyzes each file and makes dynamic adjustments to achieve an even volume level across all songs, while at the same time preventing portions of a song from becoming inaudible as a result. The program can process single or multiple files. An integrated audio playback allows you to compare the before/after sound of each processed file by switching between the original and normalized version. SuperMp3Normalizer will maintain your original ID3 tags.

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mp3 encoder

Create Windows Media files which work flawlessly with your mobile devices !

    In a world where things get even more complicated which takes you more time from this short life, to learn to use computer programs or other things, we try to make our software products to be very easy to use in order to use less of your time. Now we offer you the most easy to use All-in-one Audio/Video Encoder & Decoder with built-in CD-Ripper, ULTIMATE ENCODER 2006 !

    Ultimate Encoder 2006 is a high fidelity CDA/MP3/WMA/AVI//WMV Audio/Video encoder and decoder for Windows 2000, XP or higher, with integrated CD-Grabber, supports MP3 from 8Kbps to 320Kbps and WMA9 (Windows Media Audio V9) from 4Kbps to 768Kbps, 100KHz, 24-bit.  With a cool user interface.
It takes as input Windows PCM .WAV files or CDAudio tracks, and encodes them to MP3 or WMA audio files which can be played with WinAmp or Media Player. It also has a built-in decoder which decodes the Audio MP3 or WMA files  to Windows PCM Wav files.  It supports Line-In/Microphone live recording directly to MP3 or WMA audio files.

    Create MP3 RingTones for your mobile phone, convert  .AVI / .MPG movies to Windows Media Video (WMV) for your PDA with Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 2005 operating system.

    If you ever used a voice recorder with a VAS (Voice Activation System) feature you probably have noticed that the recorded sound cannot be understood because of too frequent start/stops in recording, so Ultimate Encoder uses a much more intelligent feature called iVAS (Intelligent Voice Activation System) in order to cut the silence when recording a voice conversation, this feature allows you to set a delay for each start / stop operation. This results in a very accurate voice recording, not  affected by the background noise.

    You also can encode .AVI, .MPG, .ASF files to WMV (Windows Media Audio V9) files or capture to WMV files from your TV capture device, webcam or screen capture. 

Convert MP3, WAV and WMAs!
Do you have apples & need oranges? (Or MP3s? :) )
You've just went out and bought a new MP3 file CD player and the player won't play WAV! The MP3 player need MP3s but you've got 1000 WAV files!!!  Or perhaps your music library consists of 500 assorted MP3s and WMAs?  Wouldn't it be nice to convert them all at once? 

Hate learning a new program just for converting an MP3 -> WAV?
First, you need a program!  Then you've got to figure it out!  The MP3 T0 WAV converter software should be easy to use!  Your time is valuable!

If you've ever run across a song that was too low in volume...
This happens daily for me.  Messing with the volume control for each song is time consuming.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the volume of each MP3, WAV or WMA adjusted automatically?

Have you ever burnt an MP3 or WAV that was incomplete?  
This can be pretty embarrassing! (Especially if it was a gift for a friend or loved one!)  When you are in a hurry, you don't have time to listen to every single song!  Wouldn't it be nice if it determined if an MP3 was incomplete?

How does it work?

Built in to Windows itself!  All it takes is a simple right click in Windows & your converting!  No need to launch another program and then go find your file!  It's right at your disposal on the right click menu.  Just right click on a file, select "Convert T0 WAV" to start the conversion.  If you want to convert the WMA -> MP3, select "Convert to.." then select "MP3"!  To set default formats or other settings, right click on the MP3, WMA or WAV, select "Convert to" & then "Options".  IT'S THAT EASY!!!


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